Here are three pages of thumbnails from the April, 2002, Sierra Club service trips in Red Rock country, Arizona.

That was a most rewarding trip -- to move huge rocks into a retaining wall for a new switchback feels great.  And to stare at a human figure that was drawn 5,000 years ago by a person standing in the same spot as where you're now standing...  humbling and incredible!  How many afternoons of looking at art are there in two hundred and fifty generations?!  That figure and the person who made it continue to haunt my thoughts.

The image files are large, and will download more slowly than you might expect.  I did this at the urging of members of last year's trip, so you can print decent copies with a photo-capable printer.  Just resize to fit on 4x6 photo paper, and adjust the contrast for your ink and paper.  If you should want large-format pro prints, I will have them made for the lab costs.

Thanks to the club members who made the week such a great one.  I think these service trips can really produce a group of awesome people, that's why there's such good bonding happening out there!  It's a self-selecting process, eh?  Not too many weakest links!  : )

Finally, a big hug, smile and and thank you to Dan Frankel, Sue Bronson, Bonnie Sharpe, and Charles Buck, who led the two trips.  Without special people like these, it couldn't have happened.  How these leaders can make something so complex work so smoothly amazes me.  A tip of the hat to Bob Cochran, who knows how to make waterbars right -- hope his journey to Colorado was rewarding!  And a delayed bear hug for sweat-hog leader Susan Estes, the godmother behind the Southwest service trips -- what a job the lady does!


link to Camp Scenes


link to Trail Work


link to Rock Art


Desert Arboretum


You like these, you tell me, ok?

Smiles to you!


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