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LDCamera is the eye of Lynn Devore, an avid photographer -- and hiker, road bicyclist, community leader, and IT architect living in Northern Virginia.

I taught workshops at a great photography school for many years, and I currently do nature, outdoors and fashion photography.


Please Note: this website is ancient and only occasionally maintained.  Yes, I'm working on something contemporary :) 

You can contact me at the address below for specific samples of my current work, thanks.

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My Work

Photographers do paint with light, of course that's the challenge and the joy.  Another great reward is developing a rapport with the groups and people I photograph, seeing a human spirit coming through the finished print.

Photography helps us sharpen our vision of the world, our understanding, whether we're behind the camera or seeing a finished image.


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This Website     

Included here are some of my favorite images. Please let me know what you think of them!

I've kept technology simple on this site, so you should be able to view it with almost any web browser out there.  Of course, a good color monitor is important.  Enjoy!

And, thanks for visiting!


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Follow the links above to see each category of photographs.



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